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The GGLG represents most of the leading national institutional lenders as well as leading regional mortgage lenders. Our technology platform and compliance posture allow us to service lenders with the speed, digital integration, customer satisfaction and compliance assurances that they require. We strive to meet and exceed Information Security and other compliance requirements as outlined by the CFPB, OCC, FTC, ALTA, etc.

We have built a Mortgage Finance Department, whose primary goal is to better service mortgage lenders and their borrowers in the fast changing regulatory landscape. New York is a unique mortgage lending state and the GGLG is uniquely able to provide a "national vendor" type of technology & compliance platform and scalability, while offering the local know-how and expertise in mortgage finance transactions. One of our Co-Founders, Christopher Gulotta, is a nationally recognized speaker and author on Lender Oversight & Information Security and he brings those insights to the operations of the GGLG on real-time basis. Mr. Gulotta also holds a Certified Information Privacy Professional designation (CIPP). Lenders, title underwriters and national vendors regularly seek our counsel on NY specific real estate and compliance questions.

We pride ourselves on being a service-orientated and results-driven firm and we believe that you will be pleased with the promptness and professionalism that we bring to our work. We also emphasize accessibility to attorneys and paralegals at every step in the closing process.

Our ability to scale, track, report and moniter each file is bolstered by our customized NY Settlement Module of SoftPro Select, one of the leading settlement technology solutions. Our SoftPro system is able to integrate with most of the leading lender portals (Realec, encompass, etc.) allowing us to provide "national vendor" trackable service levels.

Our staff averages well over ten (10) years’ of experience working closely with Vendor Managers, Operations Managers, Loan Officers, Processors, Underwriters and Closers. From receipt of an engagement letter, through the loan coordination process to closing and post-closing quality review, we strive to focus our efforts and priorities on understanding and responding to each lender’s unique protocols and procedures.

Upon receipt of a lender Engagement Letter, we immediately input all relevant information and data into our state-of-the-art, customized platform, developed exclusively for our Mortgage Finance Department. This unique lender-oriented "smart" system allows our staff and managers to create or adhere to each lender's Service Level Agreements ("SLA's"), verify “critical dates,” check “reminder alerts,” and have “instant access” to digital file notes. Our technology also allows for integration with the leading lending industry "portals" and to self-report. Every attorney and paralegal working on a file updates the digital notes each time an issue is addressed and thereby creates a chronological time line. This shared-file capability enables the Mortgage Finance Team to operate seamlessly, even if the primary staff member is momentarily unavailable. Because we update files digitally, we are able to track every document, telephone call, correspondence or open issue associated with each transaction. Moreover, as we are always attempting to proactively identify potential obstacles up-front (e.g., title issues, ordering pay-off letters, CEMA logistics, etc.); this smart-digital technology system increases our effectiveness and access to uniform descriptions and processes for each loan transaction.

Our New York City office is conveniently located within walking distance of Penn-Station, Grand Central Station and the Path train. We also are happy to and regularly do conduct out-of-office closings at financial centers and borrowers' homes.